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January 18

Tocilizumab en Sous-cutané dans la Polyarthrite Rhumatoïdes : Résultats du Cadre Commun du Programme d’Etude de Phase 4 TOZURA Conduit dans 22 Pays

Choy E, Caporali R, Xavier R, Fautrel B, Sanmarti R, Bao M, Bernasconi C, Pethö-Schramm A.
Rheumatology (Oxford). 2018 Mar 1;57(3):499-507. DOI: 10.1093/rheumatology/kex443

This multi-national TOZURA study programme confirmed the efficacy and safety profile of subcutaneous tocilizumab (TC-SC) when administered as either monotherapy or in combination with csDMARDs. TOZURA was a Phase 4 study programme that evaluated open-label, TCZ-SC in patients with moderate-to-severe RA. A total of 1804 patients with active RA were enrolled in the study programme. Patients had inadequate responses to csDMARDs, anti-TNF therapies, or they were MTX-naïve. TCZ-SC was administe...

Mots clefs: IL-6, Tocilizumab, Clinical, Phase 4

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