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March 20

L‘Inhibition De JAK Augmente La Masse Osseuse À L'état Stable Et Améliore La Perte Osseuse Pathologique En Stimulant La Fonction Ostéoblastique

Adam S, Simon N, Steffen U, Andes FT, Scholtysek C, Müller DIH, Weidner D, Andreev D, Kleyer A, Culemann S, Hahn M, Schett G, Krönke G, Frey S, Hueber AJ.
Sci Transl Med 2020;12(530):pii: eaay4447

JAKi significantly increased osteoblast function but showed no direct effects on osteoclasts. JAK signalling has emerged as an important therapeutic target for inflammatory disease, and the immunomodulation of JAK inhibition is well defined. Less well understood is the influence of this new class of drugs on bone homeostasis. This is important, as cytokine dysregulation triggers bone loss, and periarticular erosions contribute to the pathogenesis of RA. This study investigated the effect of B...

Mots clefs: JAK, Baricitinib, Preclinical

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