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Rheumatology Author Interview: Bone Homeostasis

Timo Gaber and Paula Hoff from Charité Berlin. Join Prof Peter Nash as he interviews authors of recent notable papers in rheumatology. In this edition, the impact of tofacitinib on the bone healing process is discussed.

03rd April 2020

Rheumatology Author Prof Georg Schett: Osteoblasts

Prof Schett from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

27th March 2020

Discussing Rheumatology: JAKi and Bone Biology

Prof Iain McInnes discusses bone homeostasis.

23rd March 2020

Perspectives in Inflammation - Professor Iain McInnes


11th March 2020

Rheumatology Author Dr Orsolini: Osteoimmunology

Dr Giovanni Orsolini from the University of Verona.

27th February 2020

Discussing Rheumatology: JAK Selectivity

Prof Iain McInnes discusses JAK selectivity.

21st February 2020

Perspectives in Inflammation - Professor Anca Catrina


07th February 2020

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