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Rheumatology Author Professor Paul Bird: Tofacitinib Effectiveness

Paul Bird, Conjoint Professor at the University of South Wales joins Professor Peter Nash, where he discusses real-world data of tofacitinib therapy in RA

15th October 2021

Discussing Rheumatology: Poor Prognostic Factors, Monotherapy, and Combination Therapy

Prof Iain McInnes discusses poor prognostics factors from the FINCH 3 study, and the effectiveness and persistence of monotherapy and combination therapy from the Australian OPAL study.

23rd September 2021

Rheumatology Author Professor Kurt de Vlam: Pain Improvements

Kurt de Vlam, Professor of Rheumatology at UZ Leuven, Belgium.

10th September 2021

Rheumatology Author Professor Vibeke Strand: Upadacitinib and PROs

Vibeke Strand, Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Division of Immunology/Rheumatology, Biopharmaceutical Consultant at Stanford University School of Medicine.

09th September 2021

Discussing Rheumatology: Patient Reported Outcomes

Prof Iain McInnes discusses an essential part of the assessment of patients with rheumatic diseases; patient reported outcomes, or PROs.

30th August 2021

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