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Perspectives in Inflammation - Professor Weinblatt

In this podcast the Past President of ACR, Professor Michael Weinblatt discusses his involvement in the development of methotrexate and the expansion of his unit at the Brigham, alongside Professor Paul Emery.

11th January 2021

Rheumatology Author Prof Josef Smolen: Barcitinib

Prof Josef Smolen from Medical University of Vienna.

06th January 2021

Rheumatology Author Roy Fleischmann: Switching Between UPA and ADA

Professor Roy Fleischmann from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre

30th December 2020

Rheumatology Author Andreas Kerschbaumer: JAK Inhibitors

Dr Andreas Kerschbaumer from the Medical University of Vienna

29th December 2020

Discussing Rheumatology: JAK Inhibitors

Prof Iain McInnes discusses JAK inhibitors

22nd December 2020

Rheumatology Author Prof Kevin Winthrop: Tofacitinib

Prof Kevin Winthrop from OHSU

22nd December 2020

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