CSF Live

Forum Live - Measuring RA in Practice

6th April 2022

- Professor György Nagy: The Management of Difficult-to-treat Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Professor Chris Edwards: Measuring Rheumatoid Arthritis

Forum LIVE: CV Diseases in Patients with Inflammatory Arthritis

2nd March 2022

- Lai-Shan Tam: Inflammation and accelerated atherosclerosis – how can we diagnose early?
- George Kitas: The effect of biologic DMARDs on cardiovascular risk in patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases

Forum LIVE: 2021 – A Year In Review

2nd February 2022

- Kevin Winthrop: Herpes Zoster
- COVID-19: Xavier Mariette
- Leonard Calabrese: JAK Inhibitors
- Kevin Winthrop: Risk of CV Events and Malignancies with JAK Inhibitors

Forum LIVE: JAK Selectivity and Treatment Strategies

1st December 2021

- Hendrik Schulze-Koops: JAKi selectivity – Implications for Therapy
- Rieke Alten: JAK inhibition: Current Results, Future Perspectives
- ALL: JAKi in Clinical Practice: Starting and Switching Therapy (Discussion)

Forum LIVE: Order of Therapy: The Positioning of JAK Inhibitors in the Treatment of RA

3rd November 2021

- Gerd Burmester: EULAR/ACR recommendations in JAK inhibitors
- Johannes Bijlsma: Difficult to treat RA
- Ronald van Vollenhoven: Can JAK inhibitors become first-line therapy for RA? Pros and Cons

Forum LIVE: The Unmet Need of Pain in RA

6th October 2021

- Nick Shenker: Overview and Prevalence of Pain in RA
- Neil Basu: Mechanisms of Pain in RA
- Peter Taylor: Management of Pain in RA with JAK Inhibitors