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Current and Future Perspectives on IL-6 as a Target in RA

Developed under the auspices of the University of Glasgow supported by unrestricted educational grants from Pfizer Italia S.r.l. and R-Pharm CJSC

Interleukin-6 is proven to play a large role in the action of inflammatory disease through it's promotion of synovitis and joint destruction by stimulating neutrophil migration, osteoclast maturation and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-stimulated pannus proliferation. Because of this IL-6 blockade is a desirable therapeutic option in the treatment of RA with therapies both currently available and in development. This course looks to examine the history and science behind the targeting of IL-6 and help user's understand the benefits that IL-6 targeted therapies are bringing to the disease area.

By following this programme, you will be able to:

  • Review the science behind current and future IL-6 therapies in the marketplace
  • Understand the comprehensive history and development of IL-6 targeting agents
  • Understand therapeutic opportunities for IL-6 targeted therapies in RA based on latest data and recommendations
This course should take an hour to complete
Health Awards spring 2016

Module Présentateur Vidéo Questions
Professor Iain B. McInnes image
Professor Iain B. McInnes

Vice Principal and Head of College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (MVLS),
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

Professor Iain McInnes is the Vice Principal and Head of College of MVLS in the University of Glasgow, UK. He is also the leading trans-national society for rheumatology across Europe.

Professor McInnes studied medicine at the University of Glasgow and graduated with honours in 1989 before training in internal medicine and rheumatology. He completed his membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) in 1992 and became a fellow (FRCP) in 2003. He completed his PhD and post-doctoral studies via fellowships from the Wellcome Trust, the Arthritis Research Campaign (ARC, UK) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) Fogarty Fellowship Programme in both Glasgow and Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

He has extensive experience in leading multicentre programmes, nationally and internationally. Professor McInnes is also Director of the Scottish MRC Clinical Pharmacology and Pathology Clinical PhD Training Programme; Chief Investigator for the Scottish Early RA Cohort (SERA) and the related SMS-IC biomarker discovery programme (PROMISERA); and Chief Investigator of numerous global phase II and III clinical trials of novel immune therapies

His major interest is in the biology of inflammatory synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and septic arthritis. He operates on a translational science programme in which state of the art cellular and molecular biology techniques are applied to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the perpetuation of a range of chronic diseases seeking to build precision medicine approaches and new therapeutics thereafter. He received the Sir James Black Prize Medal, a prestigious award in medicine in 2016 by the Royal Society of Edinburgh for his outstanding contribution to the field of immunology. In 2019, Professor McInnes was awarded a CBE for his services to Medicine.

Prof. Iain B. McInnes (Bio)
The Science of IL-6 in RA
Professor Simon Jones image
Professor Simon Jones

Associate Director for I&I Research,
University of Cardiff, Cardiff, UK

Professor Simon Jones is currently Deputy Director for the Division of Infection and Immunity at the School of Medicine in Cardiff University where he leads the inflammation research group. He has a PhD in Biochemistry from Bristol University. Professor Jones has since developed a research programme focused on the cytokine pathways that determine balance between competent host defence and inflammation induced tissue damage. Studies explore the control of innate and adaptive immunity, and the contribution of stromal tissue in determining disease outcomes.

Prof. Simon Jones (Bio)
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The clinical impact of present and future IL-6 therapies in RA
Professor Tsutomu Takeuchi image
Professor Tsutomu Takeuchi

Professor of Rheumatology, Keio University School of Medicine,
Keio University, Minato, Japan

Professor Tsutomu Takeuchi completed his medical education at Keio University School of Medicine and is currently Professor of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine at the same institution. His major research interests are molecular pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune diseases, targeted therapy in systemic autoimmune diseases, and prediction of therapeutic response. Professor Takeuchi has published more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals including Arthritis & Rheumatism, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, The Journal of Immunology, The Journal of Rheumatology, and The Journal of Clinical Investigation. Professor Takeuchi serves or has served as an editorial board member of the following journals: Rheumatology, Clinical Rheumatology, Clinical Immunology, and Modern Rheumatology. As a reviewer, he is currently serving for Nature Reviews of Immunology, The Lancet, Arthritis & Rheumatism, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, Rheumatology, Arthritis Research & Therapy, The Journal of Rheumatology, The Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, APLAR Journal of Rhematology, Modern Rheumatology, The Journal of Immunology, European Journal of Immunology, International Immunology, and The American Journal of Pathology.

Prof. Tsutomu Takeuchi (Bio)
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Date de préparation: February 2016