Rischi di cancro a breve e lungo termine con farmaci antireumatici modificanti la malattia biologici e sintetici utilizzati contro l'artrite reumatoide nella pratica clinica

Rheumatology (Oxford) 2022 doi: 10.1093/rheumatology/keab570

Observational, nationwide cohort study finds no increased risk for cancer overall in RA patients treated with TNFis, anti-CD20 or anti-IL6.

The knowledge that b/tsDMARDs interfere with the immune system, and the known role of immune competence in cancer development and outcome, along with current limited evidence – especially long-term data – on cancer outcomes with these therapies, provided the rationale for Huss, et al. to assess the association between b/tsDMARDs and short- and long-term cancer incidence in patients with RA.

Using data from the Swedish Rheumatology Quality Register, and from other registers linked to the national Swedish Cancer Register, the results from their study extend the safety profile of bDMARDs in RA.