Guselkumab, a Selective Interleukin-23 p19 Subunit Inhibitor, Resolves Dactylitis in Patients With Active Psoriatic Arthritis: Pooled Results Through Week 52 From Two Phase 3 Studies

ACR Open Rheumatol. 2023 doi 10.1002/acr2.11537 Epub ahead of print

Post hoc analysis of guselkumab, Phase 3 DISCOVER-1 and -2 studies finds that 75% of guselkumab-randomised patients have complete resolution of dactylitis through one year.

Dactylitis is a high burden, hallmark symptom within PsA, the resolution of which may be associated with better long-term patient outcomes. To help assess this, McGonagle, et al.  sought to examine specific treatment effects of guselkumab across one year, in patients with PsA with and without dactylitis.