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May 2023
October 2020

Eficacia de Baricitinib en el Tratamiento de la Artritis Reumatoide: Efecto Modulatorio en Biomarcadores Inflamatorios y de Fibrose en un Escenario de Vida Real

Int Immunopharmacol. 2020 Sep;86:106748.

BARI demonstrated to be a safe immune modulator that reduces the concentrations biomarkers of lung fibrosis and inflammation in RA patients, including a subgroup with interstitial lung involvement. Professor Alessandro and colleagues analysed the effects of baricitinib in a population of RA and RA-ILD patients in a real-life setting, describing any changes in lung function parameters, serum inflammatory biomarkers and fibrotic biomarkers after 6 months of treatment. Fifteen patients were recruit...