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June 2022
August 2021

Délai médian d'amélioration de la douleur et impact de la sévérité initiale de la douleur sur la réponse à la douleur chez les patients atteints de rhumatisme psoriasique traités par tofacitinib

RMD Open. 2021;7(2):e001609.

Tofacitinib 5 mg twice daily provides clinically meaningful improvements in pain for patients with PsA.Reducing pain is a primary treatment concern for patients with PsA. As such, de Vlam, et al. set out to evaluate the time to pain improvement and the impact of baseline pain severity on pain response in patients with PsA receiving tofacitinib.Using data from the OPAL Broaden and OPAL Beyond trials, they discovered that clinically important improvements in pain were experienced by more patients,...