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July 2020

バイオナイーブ関節リウマチ患者とバイオスイッチ患者におけ る7 生物製剤とtofacitinibの継続率: ANSWER コホート試験

Arthritis Res Ther 2020;22:142

This paper is based upon a long-term cohort study, namely the ANSWER cohort, an observational multi-centre registry of RA patients in the Kansai district of Japan. Analyses demonstrate a difference in observed drug retention between bDMARDs-naïve and bDMARDs-switched patients. 7 bDMARD treatments were compared in patients with no prior exposure to biologics, with abatacept showing the greatest retention rate. In patients that had switched between these same bDMARDs or to tofacitinib throughout t...